Friday, July 24, 2015

Blaming the Government

I am currently living in the Philippines, and if you are not from here, you will never know that most of the people here blame the government for everything. Even natural calamities they blame it all to government as if the government can stop typhoons, floods or landslides.

I am aware that the government did some things wrong, but it upsets me very much that most people in the Philippines blame the government for poverty and for everything that the people has been suffering. It annoys me, because it is not the people's fault if they are be born in poverty, but it's not the government's fault if people will die in poverty. Everyone of us needs to exert effort to get out of poverty, we ourselves are aware of that. We need to work hard and become successful in the path we chose, to be able to get out of the poverty hellhole. We need not to blame the government, because we all know that the government in the Philippines are doing everything they can to solve the poverty problem, they even have a program called "Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program" or 4Ps. 4Ps is a poverty reduction program that helps very poor Filipino families to improve their health, nutrition and education for their children. That is because the government wants to eradicate poverty and hunger, and also  to improve the way of living in the Philippines. Even if we kept on blaming the government for poverty, they never stop to support the poor and support their health.

We actually cannot deny that there are people who holds position in the government that are corrupt and has cheated  the Filipino people. Because in this world, it is always every man for himself, even if we deny it and cover it up, we are still greedy of power and of money. However, we cannot sum all the corrupt people as the government, because they are just a fraction of the whole. Instead, in the next election this coming 2016, we should support and vote a candidate that will not shame the Philippines any longer. The candidate whose platforms are reachable and not full of wrong intentions.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Stop Hating Same Sex Marriage

I just want to rant in this post about how I hate it when people are so against same sex marriage.

I really hate how many people insist that God made Adam for Eve and not for Steve. Well, if you believe in that stuff, how sure are you of its accuracy? You are never there when God made that rule, if He ever made it. I mean let us be practical here, if you love someone so much that you want to marry that person, you will propose marriage and if that person agree then you would be married. Why would other people not allow other people to marry the person they love just because they have the same gender? Just because it is unnatural for us to see two people who have the same sex get married, doesn't mean we have to be against it. They are just humans like us who happened to love a person who have the same sex as them. Just so you know, they have feelings, too, and they will get hurt just by seeing posts in the internet that says bad things about them.

If you are one of those Christians who insist that people who marry people who have the same sex as them will automatically be sent to hell. Well, if ever what you are saying is true, then they will see you there, too. For reasons of hating, judging, and speaking badly about one person. Anyways, it is the job of Christian to love people and not to hate, their beliefs and actions are so contradicting and confusing. Maybe they should get their crap together.

"You don't have to be gay to be a supporter,you just have to be human." Danielle Radcliffle said once, and it could not be anymore truer. I am a supporter not because I fancy people who have the same sex as I do, but because I do have a lot of friend who are gay and they deserve the same love that I get to experience without being judged.

Love is not limited for a man and a woman to be together, so as marriage. We should not hate, judge, or talk badly of other people who favor same sex marriage, because people who undergo same sex marriage are just doing it out of love. So please stop saying bad things about people who favors same sex marriage, and please start living like a caring human being.