Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Hate Chemistry

This Story is dedicated to my Band called I Hate Chemistry. 

We name the band I Hate Chemistry, because my band mates hate the subject chemistry, and so do I. We all felt very happy naming the band I Hate Chemistry, because it is part of who we are and soon it will be part of what we will become.

At first, we name the band Nameless, because we couldn't think of any name that is soothing for our image, then we have this problem in our subject chemistry, it is balancing equation using oxidation number, for us we couldn't understand it, and I propose to my band mates the name I Hate Chemistry. They all agree, and then our journey begin again but with a different name called I Hate Chemistry.

I hope that this Band will be a success for us. I hope also, that it will go far and be discovered by producers and other people that are related to the music industry.

Here is our Page on facebook:

Hope you all will like it, and thank you in advance.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


 This photographs are taken by other people, not me. This photographs inspires me to be a photographer. I really like to be a photographer because it's awesome for me and really FUN. My friend and I wanted to be a photographer really badly, because we were inspired by a certain person, which is really outrageous, I think.

 I was inspired by this photograph, because of the view and the saying in it. It is because I am the type of person who don't care about the WORLD. I just want to live life without regret, so i do everything I like.

 This photo is really awesome because of what is says. Love is a very powerful thing, it will really drive you to do everything you like to do with your life.

This a very cool photograph, because first, I love BLUE and BLACK, and that combined and this photo with the trees is overly awesome.