Tuesday, January 1, 2013


 This photographs are taken by other people, not me. This photographs inspires me to be a photographer. I really like to be a photographer because it's awesome for me and really FUN. My friend and I wanted to be a photographer really badly, because we were inspired by a certain person, which is really outrageous, I think.

 I was inspired by this photograph, because of the view and the saying in it. It is because I am the type of person who don't care about the WORLD. I just want to live life without regret, so i do everything I like.

 This photo is really awesome because of what is says. Love is a very powerful thing, it will really drive you to do everything you like to do with your life.

This a very cool photograph, because first, I love BLUE and BLACK, and that combined and this photo with the trees is overly awesome.

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