Wednesday, March 19, 2014

High School: Ending

WiTh DEAth ComEs RebirTh. That Is What I ThInk Of GradUating From High School Is LIkE. YoU Have To Say Your FarewEll To  ALL The PeOple That YoU Have EncoUnter In The 4 LOnG YeaRs You'VE Spent IN Your SoOn tO Be AlmA Mater. NonE Of US Wants TO Say GOodbye To EacH OtheR, BuT NO One Wants TO GIve Us The FreeDom To Stay TogeThEr, So We Have To Say Our FaRewelL. High School Might Be EndinG, HoWEver, The FrIENdshiP ThAT We HavE ACquiRed Will Never Change. So I Hope That If We Ever See EacH OtHer Again, We WiLl Always GonNA Be The Same.

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